MRS annually folds 800+ American Flags for our veteran’s survivors.  The triangular folded flag becomes a cherished memory for the family reminding them of their family member that proudly served in our US Military.

Our Memorial Rifle Squad Honors Presentation consists of:

      1. A Three Rifle Volley
      2. Sounding of Taps
      3. The Folding of the American Flag 
      4. The Presentation of the Flag to a family survivor

A “Rifle Volley”, consists of 3 volleys with 3 to 7 rifles.  The Rifle Volley loudly announces to those nearby that a faithful veteran has departed.  This is NOT A “21 gun salute since that phrase is used ONLY for heads of state (the leader of a country).  For a detailed history of these terms, refer to Origin of the 21-Gun Salute.


The US flag, symbolizes numerous aspects of our US History.

  1. The number 13:
    1. The flag has 13 strips representing our original 13 colonies.
    2. The flag is folded with 13 triangular folds. 
  2. The number 3:
    1. The 3 symbolizes our Veterans contributions – Duty, Honor, and Country
    2. The US Flag triangular folded shape is symbolic of the 3 cornered hats, called Tricorns, worn by colonial soldiers in the Revolutionary War.  The flag was stored in the same box used for the hats.
    3. There are 3 rifle volleys
    4. Taps is played in 8, 3 note groups


The Flags Promise to Veterans

The cloth that covers our fallen comrade,
This honored banner that we fold,
The emblem of our Nation to whom we pledge
An oath that each of us must hold.

Our Flag now speaks of gratitude from all of us,
Pay homage to what it has to tell,
Thank you for defending me,
Good Bye my friend, sleep well.

And when you are asked by spirits of the past,
Have we been forgotten yet?
Please tell them that I honor them,
And pledge never to forget.

Though memories of your service,
May seem to fade and lag,
I’ll forever be here to say Farewell. 
That is the promise of your Flag.