MRS annually folds 500+ American Flags for our veteran’s survivors.  The triangular folded flag becomes a cherished memory for the family reminding them of their family member that proudly served in our US Military.

Our Memorial Rifle Squad Honors Presentation consists of:

      1. A Three Rifle Volley  
      2. Sounding of Taps
      3. Folding of the American Flag (optional if not folded) 
      4. The Presentation of the Flag to a family survivor

A “Rifle Volley”, consists of 3 volleys with 3 to 7 rifles.  The Rifle Volley loudly announces to those nearby that a faithful veteran has departed.  The phrase “21 Gun Salute is used ONLY for heads of state (the leader of a country).  For a detailed history of the phrase, refer to Origin of the 21-Gun Salute.

The US flag, symbolizes aspects of our US History.

  1. The number 13:
    1. The flag has 13 strips representing our original 13 colonies.
    2. The flag is folded with 13 triangular folds. 
  2. The number 3:
    1. Our Veterans contributions – Duty, Honor, and Country
    2. The US Flag triangular folded shape is symbolic of the 3 cornered hats, called Tricorns, worn by colonial soldiers in the Revolutionary War.  The flag was stored in the same box used for the hats.
    3. There are 3 rifle volleys – an announcement of the passing of a soldier
    4. Taps is played in 8, 3 note groups