The MEORIAL RIFLE SQUAD of Fort Snelling is 100% funded
.   MRS is an All Veteran, All Volunteer
501 (c)(19) organization, a military version of a 501(c)(3) with
full tax deduction for your donations. 

Your donations are used ONLY for MRS operational expenses
such as uniforms, bus purchase, rifles, ammunition, etc. 
Our dedicated MRS Volunteer Members donate their time
and expenses for
travel and uniform maintenance. 
For details on MRS tax status and deductions, refer to the
IRS Letter to MRS, IRS Pub 4221, and/or 4221 Deduction Specifics.


For your donation to MRS, select one of the following procedures:  

1. (click DONATE ) to make a credit card donation using this secure PayPal service. 

2. Print and complete this  MRS Donation Form and send it along with your check to:
          Memorial Rifle Squad
          PO Box 111007
          St. Paul, Minnesota 55111

3. If you do not have a printer and do not wish to use the PayPal credit card service, please send your donation to the address above along with the following information:

    1. Your full name and address
    2. Your donation amount and the check number (cash is not recommended).
    3. Make out your check to: Memorial Rifle Squad of Fort Snelling
    4. If you are donating in memory of someone interred at Fort Snelling, please provide the name of the person and the date of their interment (if known).