Funeral Benefits & Services
Information and Planning a Military Funeral

The table below provides links to instructions and forms for approval
of a veterans burial at a
private or National Cemetery.  A computer
printer is essential
to print and complete the forms and instructions

  • Using the Table
  • Click on pictures in columns A, B, & C or underlined BLUE words for details.
  • Some table entries have 2 links, a picture and underlined blue words.
  • Table location 1A links to a Guide – optionally print as a reference.
  • Rows 1 thru 5 are directly related to military funeral planning.
    Rows 6 thru 8 provide related FYI information.
  <—- Columns A, B & C contain links to the details —->
How Do I…. A B C

Row 1
How to use

this table

Using a Private
Issues with Vet’s

Row 2
You Need a

to get started
Personal Records

What To Do When…
Take It

Row 3
Before You Call
Have This Info
Burial Benefits

with overview video
Apply for

Get Assistance

Row 4
Funeral Home
or Cremation

no link on this pix
Full Time Vet

Ft Snelling Ofc

All Cemeteries List
Find A Form

Row 5
What Form
Do I Need IF…

forms search 
Request Vet


Information About…. A
Fort Snelling

Row 6
What to Expect

MRS Honors
Kare-11 TV
history video
Preserve A

Row 7
FREE Oak Urn
For Minn Vets
Flag Boxes
order form at 
bottom of page
Add comments
to a Vets

Row 8
It is NOT a21 Gun Salute The current
Nfational Cmtry