Since 1979, the dedicated volunteers of the
Rifle Squad at Fort Snelling National Cemetery have
provided our departed US Veterans with Military Honors.
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Our US Veterans have earned our Nations respect and deserve a Final Salute
with a Honor Guard Presentation.  A Rifle Volley, Taps, and presentation
of a folded flag to a family survivor, becomes part of their legacy.


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George Weiss
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The Last Duty Call

I am a veteran and have served my country.
I am here to receive military honors.
I am here for may last earthly call to service.
As I arrive at the cemetery pavilion, the color guard is called
to attention.  My branch of service flag dips and I am saluted.

Announcements state this ceremony consists of three distinct elements…
* Three loud rifle volleys announce I have sacrificed for my country and
   can be laid honorably to rest.
    * A distant bugler plays the memorable twenty-four notes of taps signifying
   my interment, and that God is nigh and all is well.
    * With precision and care, the flag of my country is folded.  The folds slowly
   encase life’s brilliant red and white stripes which disappear into the dark
   blue with stars, a symbol of nightfall, a time for my rest and eternal peace.

The presenter gives my flag to a loved one as a lasting symbol of honorable
service.  Three shell casings from the rifle volleys are included to reflect…
The ceremony ends with one final salute honoring our country and my service.
This is a place of peace and lasting remembrance.
I am like all soldiers at this sacred place.  Our tombstones
remain as a symbol
of the cost of freedom.
This is my new and our last duty call.