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SQUAD LEADERS Meetings 2018
1) June 9, Saturday – Squad Room at 10 AM
2) September 8, Saturday – Squad Room at 10 AM

December 7, Friday – MRS Pearl Harbor Day
Ceremonies at Mn State Capital
St. Paul Veterans Building – 9 AM Start

January 2019 (date TBD) 
MRS Annual Business Meeting/Officer Elections
Apple Valley Legion  10AM Start

MRS Meeting Minutes
Meeting Minutes submitted by
Adjutant Harry Braaten
Click below for minutes
Miscellaneous Information  Additional Info
Galls (formerly Uniforms Unlimited) provides our
Memorial Rifle Squad with all uniform needs.
Obtain authorization from our Quarter Master by
calling the MRS Squad Room (612-725-6549)
contact QM Rich Ashbury  Wednesday Squad
or Asst QM Gary Klein Wednesday Squad
Galls Uniforms 
935 Dale St N, St Paul, MN · (651) 224-7567
2220 Lyndale Ave S, Minneapolis, MN · (612) 377-0011
The Tuesday Squad uses this certificate as a
“Thanks” to Inactive or Deceased members.
This certificate is available for your squads usage.

If you would like to use this certificate, contact
Dan Fisher, Tuesday Squad Leader