Register to Join the
Memorial Rifle Squad at
Fort Snelling National Cemetery 

Thankyou for your consideration to become a MRS volunteer. 
Discover more about MRS with a phone call and by referring to the
referenced pages on this website.  You will also visit and observe MRS
operations before making your final decision to join.  


For more information about MRS,
call Ken at 651-263-0522, Bob at 612-308-5219.



To qualify for membership, you must validate your military service with a copy of your DD214.  If you do not have a DD214, click here to request an official copy. 

Due to our close work with local VSOs (Veterans Service Organizations), we require that you be a member.  VSOs include, The American Legion, VFW, DAV, AMVETs and others groups.
For more information about MRS; refer to this website, Videos, News and About pages.  Decide what day(s) of the week (Monday thru Friday) works for you to participate in our Honors Presentations.
Prior to making a final decision to join, you will be given the opportunity to meet with MRS members of the Squad of your choice during their duty day.
If you are considering joining MRS, take the first step in becoming a member with your registration.

Click to Enter Your Contact Information.

Once you have submitted your contact information,
a MRS Representative will call you to answer any
questions you have about becoming a member. 

You will be placed on a volunteers list used to fill Squad openings.  A Squad Leader responsible for a specific day of the week, will contact you.  They will invite you to join the Squad to view operations, and meet their members. 
After your visit, if you like what you’ve learned, and decide to join, the Squad Leader will have you complete a MRS Membership form.  
The next step is for you to meet with the VA Volunteers Administration for a background check.  This will take about 2 weeks to complete.
Once the VA Volunteers Administration finishes their tasks, the Squad Leader will welcome you as an official MRS Member and instruct you on how to get fitted for your uniform.  
A daily lunch is provided by the VA Hospital Cafeteria.  Your VSO will provide you (at no cost) with a Garrison Cap.  You will be responsible for your summer and winter foot wear, daily transportation to/from Fort Snelling, care of your uniform and membership fees in a VSO.   


If you have questions about a specific daily Squad, you can call the
MRS Squad Room at 612-725-6549 on the day your prefer, explain
the purpose of your call, and you will be connected with
the appropriate MRS Squad member.

Your best chance of having your Squad Room call answered is
Monday thru Friday from 7A-9:30A (before honors from
10A to 2P), and from Noon to 12:30P (lunch).  

You can also send your questions via USPS to:
Memorial Rifle Squad
PO Box 111007
St. Paul, Minnesota 55111

OR Send an email to one of the contacts
listed on the “contacts” webpage.