The Memorial Rifle Squad folds more than 1000 American Flags annually for our departed veterans.  The triangular folded flag becomes a cherished memory for the family reminding them of their family member that proudly served in our US Military.

If you have an unfolded flag, you can properly fold the American Flag using the following video.  You can also go to a local American Legion or VFW for assistance.

The Memorial Rifle Squad honors our departed veterans with a 3 Volley Rifle Salute as a reminder of their sacrifice.  A “21 gun salute” is an honor reserved for only the heads of state.  The 21 gun salute originated in the 1600’s when warships entering a harbor indicated peaceful intentions by firing 7 cannons.  The land batteries responded using 3 shots for each shot fired by the warship, a total response of 21 guns fired.  For detailed history refer to the article Origin of the 21-Gun Salute.

Our flag has 13 strips representing our original 13 colonies folded into a triangle using 13 folds.  The triangular shape is symbolic of the 3 cornered hats worn by colonial soldiers in the Revolutionary War.    

The number 3 is significant in the Honors Presentation.  There are 3 rifle volleys, taps are played in 3 note groups and the flag is folded in a triangle.  The number 3 is symbolic of the Veterans contributions – Duty, Honor, and Country.