The Memorial Rifle Squad folds more than 1000 American Flags annually for our departed veterans.  The triangular folded flag becomes a cherished memory for the family reminding them of their family member that proudly served in our US Miliary.

If you have an American folded flag and would like a wooden box to store the flag for protection and display, the Hastings Mn Veterans Home Wood Shop (click for details) offers the above pictured US Flag boxes.  A wood shop at the Hastings Veterans Home provides employment for veterans with a therapeutic working environment allowing Veterans to learn a new trade.

If you have a unfolded flag, you can properly fold the American Flag using this written step-by-step process on How to fold the Flag.  You can also go to a local American Legion or VFW for assistance in folding the flag.

Also checkout the following video.

The phrase “21 gun salute” is an honor reserved for only the heads of state.  The number 21 comes from the sum of numbers 1776, the birth year of our country.    The flag has 13 strips representing our original 13 colonies and there are thirteen triangular folds.  The flag has 50 stars representing our 50 states.

A tribute has been designated for each of the 13 folds as follows:

  1. To the Symbol of Life
  2. The Belief in Eternal Life
  3. In Honor and Remembrance of the Veteran being commemorated
  4. For Divine Guidance
  5. In tribute of “Our Country”
  6. Where our hearts that We Pledge Allegiance to the Flag
  7. Tribute to our Armed Forces
  8. Tribute to the fallen Veteran that we might see the light of day
  9. Tribute to Womanhood. For their faith, love, loyalty and devotion to Veterans
  10. Tribute to Fathers who have given their sons & daughters to the Armed Forces
  11. In the eyes of the Hebrew Citizen, the seals of Kings David and Solomon
  12. In the eyes of the Christian Citizen represents the Emblem of Eternity.
  13. Stars are uppermost reminding us of our nations motto “In God We Trust”

The triangle folded flag represents the cocked hat worn by soldiers serving under General George Washington and the Sailors and Marines serving under Captain John Paul Jones.