The Memorial Rifle Squad of Fort Snelling is an All Veteran FULLY VOLUNTEER tax exempt 501 (c)(3)(7) organization.  All operational expenses and equipment are paid for with public donations.  There are no compensation or benefits received by any member on the Memorial Rifle Squad.  All members provide their time, weekly travel expenses and maintain their uniform at their own cost    

Your tax-deductible donations are sincerely appreciated. 

using this PayPal secure credit card service.   
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OR print and fill out this MRS Donation Form and send it with your donation to:

Memorial Rifle Squad
PO Box 111007
St. Paul, Minnesota 55111

If you do not have a printer and do not wish to use the credit card service, please send your donation to the address above along with the following information:
– Your full name and address
– Your donation amount & 1) the check number (preferred) or 2) indicate cash
– Provide the “In memory of name” and date of interment at Fort Snelling