Memorial Benefits & Services

Information and Memorial Benefits resources
for US Military Veterans and their families


Prepare NOW for Your Burial at a National Cemetery.


Here is the form and instructions for determining your eligibility and obtaining pre-approval for burial at a National Cemetery.
At any time before your death (Pre-Need) you can eliminate delays and reduce stress on your family by planning in advance for your burial at a National or private Cemetery.

with military interment, benefits & services deserved
Can’t find that DD-214 (discharge papers), not sure about eligibility, understanding benefits, etc.?  Contact your Minnesota Association County VSO (Veterans Service Officer) for assistance. 
List of Service Officers by County.
Schedule an interment at any National or private Cemetery


VA Memorial and Eligibility Benefits
Availability time at Fort Snelling Daily Burial Schedule  
For details here are contacts at Fort Snelling 
Veteran Records that are available from government resources.   
Here are 2 links that will provide you with a Google page of a number of references to obtain veteran records: 
1) E-Veteran Records (watch the video above)
2) Government National Archives 
Locate a grave at any National Cemetery

Fort Snelling detailed map of the cemetery

Grave Site Location Website
Map of Fort Snelling
A wooden flag box provides a great display for your family’s commemorative flag plus protection.    
Veterans’ Home Wood Shop in Hastings, Mn.  
The Hastings Veterans Home wood shop provides veterans with a new trade and a therapeutic working environment.
FREE Urns are available for honorably discharged vets from an organization in Anoka, Mn. 
Free Urns from a Family in Anoka