Add New Member

Adding a New MRS Member 
Adding new members has many steps with new procedures added for VA Volunteer Services related to new security measures.  The following are the steps and forms for Squad Leaders to use when adding new MRS members. 
Only two forms have to be printed; the (1) Checklist Joining MRS and the (4) MRS Member Registration .  The rest of the documents, can be either read online or the candidate can use a hard copy if the candidate DOES NOT have access to the internet.   Hard copy forms will be maintained in a 3-ring binder in the Rifle Squad back room.    
    1. Print out the following checklist to track progress – Checklist Joining MRS
    2. Candidate should read (2) New Member Information – go to the “Join” page.
    3. If candidate decides to join, refer to details on (3) Background Check.  
      Additional forms for reference are (3A) Application for Voluntary Service
      and (3B) Volunteer Training Quiz and (3C) VA Hospital Map
    4. Print and complete the – (4) MRS Member Registration Form.  
    5. Refer to the for Checklist Joining MRS for a list of the Uniform Shops.  
    6. Review the MRS hierarchy and the current (5) MRS Officers List.
    7. Review the document (6) Memorial Rifle Squad Constitution and By-Laws.